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      Siedlec is a beautiful, picturesque village within very easy reach of the city of Wroclaw. Hills, dense forest, lakes, paddocks and fields where numerous wild animals roam, give this site and unforgettable charm. Such close daily contact with nature ensures real relaxation, recuperation and inner content, which enables great motivation to further successful work. Should that not be enough, then we suggest that you get to know a beautiful animal and friend of man, that is, a horse! A being whom we have so much to that for. One should not forget the role the horse played in the development of our civilization, for without them life would have been much more difficult for man. Nowadays, in the western world where information travels rapidly far and wide, the horse has lost its leading place as a result of changes in means of transport and changes to means of information carriage. Fortunately, however it has given us the chance to rediscover this wonderful animal from a different perspective..

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Wiktor Rozpedek

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